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Calculate grades for classes with different grading styles:

  • Points - The grade is calculated by adding up all of the points earned and dividing it by the sum of the points possible in the class.
  • Weighted - The grade is calculated by calculating the percent of points earned in each category. Then the percent for each category is weighted by the category weight to determine the final grade.

Have a class that uses a grading style we currently don't support? Email us a description of the class grading system, and we may add it.

Enter the grades you want to get, specific for each class, then see what it takes to get those grades.

Easily do "what if" tests to see what certain grade combinations do to your class grade and how they affect the percent you need on remaining assignments to get the grade you want.

Quickly see what percent you need to earn on each of the remaining assignments for a class in order to earn a variety of grades.

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